People are happy for the wrong reasons right now.

To refresh your memory, Eric Garner was the unarmed black man killed by police in Staten Island, New York after being stopped for illegally selling cigarellos.  Garner was put in a chokehold by Officer Pantaleo, which is a move that is prohibited by police protocol.  After saying multiple times that he couldn’t breathe, Garner finally passed away while still in the chokehold.

Sergeant Kizzy Adonis is now being charged internally for failing to supervise.  Sergeant Adonis has been put on desk-duty, while also being stripped of her gun and badge.  Kizzy Adonis is a black woman.  Sergeant Adonis arrived on the scene, told Officer Pantaleo to get up because they had already subdued Garner.  Officer Pantaelo disobeyed those orders.  Now, it is Sergeant Adonis that is being stripped of her title.  To read an article about it, click here.

People are rejoicing because someone is bearing the consequences for the death of Eric Garner, but WAKE UP!

They are punishing this black woman who has now been stripped of her gun, badge, and sergeant position.  She was on the scene, yes, but she told the real killer – Officer Pantaleo who had Eric Garner in a chokehold and ultimately killed him – to get up because they already had him.  People are going to say that she should have done more, but let’s just state facts for a second: if someone has an agenda and is already out of line, they are not going to listen to the directions of their supervisor.  Sergeant Adonis does not have mind control abilities.

The death of Eric Garner is not her fault.

It is the fault of Officer Pantaleo for 1) using a chokehold which is against police protocol and 2) not listening to his supervising sergeant officer who told him to stop.

But how convenient that a black woman is taking the fall for the indiscretions and idiocy of a white man.  This narrative sounds very, very familiar.

Don’t settle and be happy just because we’re finally seeing consequences for someone.  We need to see consequences for the right people, and right now they are using this black woman has a fall-person to stall the fact that Officer Pantaleo still hasn’t been served any real consequences.  They see us as animals anyway, so they’ve thrown us a bone in order to keep us satisfied for the time being.

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