This is my first election, and I hate everything about it.

Ugh.  Ew, ew, ew.  And more ew.

Now that I’ve got that out the way, on to business…

If you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you know that I supported Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries.  When he had his rally in the Bronx in March, I jumped at the opportunity to go, be part of history, and show my support.  It was thrilling to give money to a candidate that I supported, believed in, and actually trusted.  I truly wanted Bernie to win the primary elections, and, well, we all know how that turned out.

When Ade and I went to Bernie’s Bronx rally in March, there was still a possibility that Bernie could be our Democratic nominee.  I remember while being on the bus with Ade, we were discussing what would happen if Hillary did actually secure the nomination.

Our simple answers: “I’m not going to vote.”

In my gut that solution felt wrong.  But I couldn’t throw my support behind Hillary Clinton, not after everything that had happened (compromising of emails, flip-flopping on key topics like gay marriage, arguing with Black Lives Matters protesters, helping to create The War on Drugs which was really just The War on Blacks, lying and lying and more lying…).  I looked at Hillary Clinton and saw a snake disguised as a lizard disguised as a criminal disguised as a woman.  I could remember back to eight years ago when she and President Obama were fighting for the Democratic Nomination.  I was torn: on the one hand, I wanted a black president, but on the other hand, I wanted a woman president.  Seventh grade Ahtiya would have been content with either option (mostly because I didn’t know much about Hillary Clinton, only that she was a girl and I was a girl, and no one thought girls could be President, and I resented this opinion).  Jump to 2016, we have the first woman nominee of a major political party, and I feel absolutely nothing.  Needless to say, I’m not particularly thrilled with this election.


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In March, I was content with not voting if Bernie didn’t get the nomination because I figured there was no way in hell, heaven, and the great abyss that Donald Trump would stay in the race, let alone be the Republican Nominee.  I also didn’t think there was anyway that a lot of people would support this babbling idiot.  At that point in time, Ted “Zodiac Killer” Cruz and John Kasich were still in the race.  Not that I want a Republican President, but one of those two guys wouldn’t make me think the world was about to end, ya know?  And here we are.  We have a narcissistic, babbling, overly spray tanned, failed businessman, daughter-hip-grabbing idiot as a possible option to lead the United States of America.

Let us review, shall we?

  1. A KKK leader endorsed Donald Trump, and it took him way too long to disavow this person and the Klan.  He eventually did, but “eventually” is not good enough for me.  Everyone who is a breathing human being that has gotten past the grade of five, knows what the KKK is and what they are about.  Furthermore, Trump kept saying that he had no idea about any white supremacist groups, so, bruh, WHY NOT JUST DISAVOW THEM?  Like, if someone came up to me and said, “A leader of a Nazi organization supports you,” I would immediately stop them and say, “I don’t support any organizations or people and I don’t accept the support of those affiliated with Nazi organizations.”  Plain and simple.  All Trump had to do was say he didn’t support or accept the support from the KKK or any white supremacy groups, and he could have actually not be seen as a bigot in that moment.  But, no.  My motto is, if you’re not going to speak out against something you don’t believe in, then you might as well support it.  For more info, click here.
  2. Trump wants to build a wall between America and Mexico because, according to him, we have an illegal immigrant problem, and Mexico is sending us bad people, like criminals and racists.  Enough said.  For info on that and more outrageous things see here.
  3. When Megyn Kelly called Trump out, he alluded to her persistence and the fact that she wouldn’t let him off the hook to her being on her period.  Yup.  See here for more details.
  4. In this latest idiocy, he implied that Ghazala Khan, the mother of the fallen captain who happens to be Muslim, was not allowed to speak with her husband Khiri at the Democratic National Convention simply because she was Muslim and Muslim women are forbidden to speak in public.  Nevermind the fact that this same woman gave an interview about her son prior to this convention.  For more info, click here.
  5. Also, his VP pick Mike Pence promised that under a Trump presidency, Roe vs. Wade would be overturned.  This case was a huge step forward in the fight for women’s rights over our bodies, and now they want to overturn it?  More info here.

You can’t make this stuff up people.  You really can’t.

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I could literally gone on and find at least five more examples of Trump being a moronoic bigot, but that’s not my point here.  Now, I never wanted to have to write this article.  When it became clear that the odds were stacked against Bernie Sanders and that Trump was the Republican nominee, I thought everyone would get what our obvious choice would be.  But then you have these #BernieOrBust people who are litearlly threatening the livelihood of people.  And, no, I’m not saying that they’re swinging torches at those of us who (UGH) are going to end up voting for Hillary Clinton and calling us names.  Their very refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton (even after Bernie so clearly endorsed her and said that our main goal is stopping Trump from getting into the White House) is a threat to so many people.

And I’m also going to call out your privilege here as well because from what I’m seeing from talking to people and interacting with people on social media, you #BernieOrBust people are cisgendered, straight, white males.

I don’t like Hillary Clinton.  I don’t trust Hillary Clinton.  I don’t even want to discuss Hillary Clinton, but this is the current country that we are living in right now.  We’re living in a country where a major political party allowed a bigot to secure the nomination for President of the United States.

So therefore we must do our part to make sure that this bigot does not end up in office.

Under a Trump presidency, our fellow Muslim Americans can expect to be labeled for everyone to know, much like Nazi Germany.  Also, those seeking refugee in our country or who just want a better life who happen to be Muslim or even “look Muslim” will be denied access to our country because they might be terrorists.

Under a Trump presidency, the rights women have to our own bodies and decisions about them will be systemically stripped away if they go through with overturning Roe vs. Wade.

Under a Trump presidency, the Black Lives Matter movement could potentially have criminal charges lodged against them because, according to Trump, they are calling for death of police.

Under a Trump presidency, I’m sure the KKK will come from the dank depths of the Earth and crawl around like the roaches they are.  I mean, they’ve already been out and about lately anyway, endorsing this nominee without him taking a clear stance against them.

This isn’t stuff I’m making up.  You can do your own research and find out this information for yourself.  The information I’ve just presented you is from research that I’ve done.  Under a Trump presidency, so much of the progress (albeit we have a lot more to do) that we are making as a country will GO DOWN THE TOILET.  Women’s rights, the fight and conversation regarding police brutality, our relations with other countries and allies (hi there, Mexico!), the way we treat our immigrants…all of the progress we may have made will come to a screeching halt.  Not to mention, this is a man who has filed for bankruptcy on several occasions.  He doesn’t have an inkling of how to run a business successfully, and, newsflash: the US is a huge business!  So, if you’re against Trump yet not voting for Hillary because the nominee isn’t Bernie Sanders, get your life.

And I’m also going to call out your privilege here as well because from what I’m seeing from talking to people and interacting with people on social media, you #BernieOrBust people are cisgendered, straight, white males.  Translation: if Trump becomes President, your livelihood and life are not put in any immediate danger.  None whatsoever.  Your reproductive rights won’t be squashed.  A movement dedicated to protecting you from police brutality won’t be charged in a criminal case.  Your family won’t be labeled as potential terrorists and targeted by bigots.  You lose nothing if Trump becomes President, so get off your damn highhorse.  You think you’re being the bigger person but you are actually being an extremely selfish two year old that is only thinking about your hurt feelings over the fact that, for once, you were screwed over by our political system.  Give me a break and get a grip.

And don’t talk to me about a third party, either.  A third party candidate will not win, not with our current system.  You know this.  Don’t pretend you don’t.  Also, the year of an election is not the time to try and change the system.  You want to change the system?  Do it after November 8th, 2016.  Dedicate the four years leading up to our 2020 election to change the system, but don’t do it now.  It’s not the time.

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