Is it true what they say: will younger siblings always follow their older siblings somehow?

I told myself I wouldn’t do this – I was not going to write about Solange’s new album A Seat at the Table.  Not because it’s not frickin’ amazing (which it is) and not because I don’t think she’s spectucular (which I do), but because I really didn’t have much to say, and I’m not a music critic.  I said the same thing in a previous article when Beyoncé dropped Lemonade  But here we are.

Once again, I find myself writing about a Knowles sister.

Solange’s album is a black anthem, and, in certain specific moments, a black girl anthem.  She talks about hair, feeling helpless in times of police brutality and injustice, wanting to tap out from her blackness, feeling empowered by her blackness, feeling angry about it, etc.  She covers the whole spectrum of the experience of being a black American and provides poignant backdrops using interludes that include stories from her mother, father, and Master P.  Plus, her voice sounds as if you’ve been submerged in a hot bath and sprinkled with flower petals and told everything’s going to be alright.

It is unfathomable to people that two black women can come out with albums centralizing the black woman’s story in a single year.

And, of course, being that she is undeniably Beyoncé’s sister, when she dropped the album, people started to compare.  fed-up-gif-4Heck, even I wanted to do it at first, and I kept reminding myself not to before listening to the album.  It’s so tempting to want to compare the two sisters, especially when they are both megastars, fashion icons, and the embodiments of never caring what others think.  But let’s just slow our roll for a second.

I know it’s a common thing for people to say Solange is copying Beyoncé (this is a common thing with siblings across the world), but let’s get this straight: Solange been working on the album as a whole for 4 years and for some of the songs individually for 8.  Plus, the albums sound nothing alike.  And I feel like this is where the issue comes in for some people.  There are Beyoncé fans who can’t wrap their head around the fact that these are two different women (okay, yes, they came from the same womb and all and they could basically be twins, but they are indeed DIFFERENT) with two completely different lives and styles of music.  There were some people who were expecting A Seat at the Table to sound very much like Lemonade, and now that it doesn’t, we run into people trying to claim the younger sister copied her big sister because they speak on similar topics.

Which is just dumb.

Just because a black woman is talking about her experiences as a black woman, doesn’t mean she’s copying Beyoncé.

Newsflash: Beyoncé ain’t the only black woman in America.  Shocker, right?

To put that in the context of this situation: just because Solange is talking about her experiences as a black woman (newsflash: because she is one!) does not mean that she is copying Beyoncé who also talked about her experiences as a black woman (newsflash: she’s one, as well!).  This literally means that they’re both black women talking about their experiences, and people are so used to token blacks that they can’t handle this.

It is unfathomable to people that two black women can come out with albums centralizing the black woman’s story in a single year.

People are literally imploding at the fact that these two sisters would have similar experiences as black women in America and then dare talk about it, but it was done and the Knowles sisters officially slayed 2016 (which was very much needed since we’ve had a horrible year, otherwise).


Do you think Solange indeed did copy Beyoncé?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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