What we not gonna do is normalize this BS.

So, the Cheeto-in-Chief actually did it.  He put a restrictive ban on immigrants from 7 heavily Muslim countries in the Middle East.  And he’s actually trying to go through with the wall along the border we share with Mexico.  These are actual things our actual (so-called) “President” wants to actually happen because a little less than half of the country voted for him and the Electoral College sucks.

This article isn’t about how Cheeto Satan is deplorable or mentally ill (but more on that in a sec).  This about what we not gonna do in Baby Putin’s America.

  1. We not gonna sit here and keep calling him mentally ill or say that he has some kind of disease or something.  STOP IT.  White supremacy is not a damn mental illness.  Stop pitching it as some kind of damn disease.  It ain’t.  It is a methodology, afed-up-gif-2 practice, a way of life.  A doctor will not diagnose a person with “white supremacy.”  If we go by this logic, the KKK are all mentally ill, and we know that’s just false – they just don’t like you if you aren’t white.  If a person promotes white supremacist and white nationalist views, they are a white supremacist.  Stop trying to excuse their white supremacy by blaming it on a mental illness.  We are only perpetuating the normalcy of white supremacy every time we call Captain Baby Hands crazy or say that somethig must be wrong with him.  Nah, y’all, he just only likes white people (mostly white men) and doesn’t want anyone who is not white in this country.  Point, blank, period.
  2. We not gonna sit here and be salty all the damn time.  If there is actual good non-political news that can be shared and rejoiced in the world, SHARE AND REJOICE.  Perfect example: Queen Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter announced to the world that she is pregnant with twins.  The world literally could not handle this.  We were all acting as if Beyoncé were our mom or our favorite aunt or our best friend or something.  Why?  Because pregnancy announcements are things of hope and happiness and love.  (Also, she’s Beyoncé, duh.)  Don’t be that salty person who sits behind their computer screen and belittles those excited about the small or large positive things by saying: “There are more important things to think about” or “Shouldn’t we be talking about…?” or “See, going over crazy of stuff like this is the reason why we’ll never win…”  Like, no.  Pause.  Stop it.  Don’t suck all the joy out the damn room, okay?  We are capable of being devastated about our politics and being elated about celebrity news or happy pandas.  We are capable of talking about both.  Plus, only focusing on the negative is not good for the mental health.  So, if you wanna sit and be salty, sit in your own salt water and don’t spread that to my pond.
  3. We not gonna entertain white people who are on that “we just need to give him a chance” or “we have to respect him, he’s our President” wave.  Those people are apologist and white supremacy sympathizers, and their lack of disapproval and their willingness to negotiate with white supremacy makes them passive-yet-active perpetuators of the system of white supremacy.  So, no.  Nope.  None of that.  Goodbye.  That wave can crash and roll back to whatever dark depths of the ocean it came from.
  4. We not gonna pick and choose which times to be offended depending on if our community is being targeted at the moment.  Prime example: the Muslim Ban.  Every group that has been threatened by The Orange (or could be because he’s only really interested in straight, white men) should be offended and ready to fight because of this.  All those (mostly white) women who were out at the Women’s March should be in the streets for a Black Lives Matter rally.  When Mr. Spray-Tan, his devil VP and marionette-looking Speaker of the House sidekicks, and his administration come after the LGBTQ+ community, we should be active and vocal allies.  It’s probably the oldest and most cliché ever, but we are literally stronger, more visible, and definitely more powerful together.  All of us.  Just because he’s not coming after you in particular that month, doesn’t mean you should sit back and watch as he goes after someone else.  That’s not solidarity; that’s selfishness.
  5. We not gonna be those allies who only see other targeted marginalized groups for what they can bring to us.  I saw a picture on Twitter or Facebook of a young woman at one of the Muslim Ban protests, and she was holding a sign that said something like “Save Our Tacos and Falafel.”  It was a good effort (I guess), but is that the only reason she was out there protesting – to make sure she could still have tacos and falafel (that’s also lowkey racist, but I digress)?  This way of protesting is especially harmful when a white person does it because it only perpetuates the idea that people of color are valuable because of only our contributions that white people can consume without giving us a second thought.  Instead of seeing members of marginalized and targeted groups and advocating for their rights because of what they can do for you, the community, or the country as a whole, advocate for their rights because they’re people.  Black lives matter not because we make great art or are valuable members of the community (both of which are true, but I digress).  Our lives matter because we are people who deserve to live.  Muslim-Americans, Arab-Americans, and refugees should be allowed (back) into the country not because they have the capabilities of becoming doctors and being our friends, but because they are people who deserve these rights.  And I’m the first to shut down the argument “but we’re all just people” when someone tries to invalidate the struggles and issues with racism, but when it comes to being an ally, protesting, and advocating, we must realize that those we are trying to help are people, not objects that we can use to further our communities, country, and food selections.

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