If you couldn’t tell already, I’m in a great mood heading into Summer Vacation!  I feel like the brothers from Phineas & Ferb – anything’s possible!

While I am making it a point to get out and do activities outside, I’m also making it a point to never be bored while I am inside.  For me, this means watching lots and lots of TV!  In this day and age, TV doesn’t just mean the rectangular box thing we sit in a room.  It now means Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube (at least, for me, it includes YouTube).  If you’re looking for something to watch, re-watch, or dive into for the Summer (and beyond) check out what I’m watching!

Note: I’ve color-coded the list, so you know whether it’s coming from Netflix, Hulu, or an actual cable station.  Also, some shows on Netflix are cable shows that have their previous seasons on Netflix so you’re able to catch up!

**This indicates shows that I have yet to start but were recommended to me and are on my To-Watch list.  Shoutout to everyone who gave me show recommendations that one time I asked randomly on Facebook!

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: I always go back and forth when watching this show.  At first, I couldn’t stand it’s slapstick comedy style, but I’m become less tense since I’ve started, and I actually laugh at all the jokes and their stupidity.  Plus, the show is able to sneak in some pretty serious storylines under all the malarkey (like gentrification, friendship, immigration, etc.).
  2. Pretty Little Liars: The famous show is in its last season, but you can watch the entire thing if you haven’t already on Netflix!  While sometimes the drama and twists get out of hand in PLL, I have thoroughly enjoyed the character development of the lead women.  Also, they’re all so different, yet work together super well.
  3. Archer: This is a new one I’ve started to watch, and I’m actually enjoying it.
  4. BoJack Horseman: Equal parts super relevant and spot on, equal parts hilarious.
  5. Chewing Gum
  6. Girl Boss**
  7. Riverdale**
  8. The Keepers**
  9. Orange Is The New Black: Where we left off was SUPER intense, so I can’t wait for the new season to come back out.  I need to know what happens after–nevermind, just watch it!
  10. 13 Reasons Why: I’ve heard mixed (mostly negative) reviews, but since I did read the book in high school, I’m super curious.**
  11. Supernatural: With 11 seasons currently on Netflix, maybe I’ll finally start and get some headway in this series…
  12. Sense8: Everyone keeps raving about this show, so I’m going to give it a try. **
  13. The Get Down: Now that Netflix has cancelled it, it only has one season…is it worth it? **
  14. Once Upon A Time: I’m a bunch of episodes behind, and I’m curious to see how they ended this season, especially with the announcement that so many of the core actors are leaving the show.  To catch up on previous seasons, head over to Netflix, and for this past season, Hulu has it!
  15. iZombie: The CW gives me gold, and I don’t care what anyone says.  To catch up, however, you can binge watch the first two seasons on Netflix!
  16. Jane The Virgin: Touching, hilarious, and absolutely amazing and relatable storylines.
  17. Black Mirror***
  18. Travelers**
  19. How To Get Away With Murder
  20. The Originals
  21. The Vampire Diaries
  22. Arrow**
  23. The Flash**
  24. The Bloodline**
  25. Master of None**
  26. Easy**
  27. Cable Girls**
  28. Lovesick**
  29. Reign**
  30. Stranger Things**
  31. Bates Motel**
  32. The People vs. O.J. Simpson
  33. Luther: I especially love this series because you get to see Idris Elba’s acting up close and personal and through the character development of one character over the time of several episodes and storylines.
  34. Supergirl
  35. Being Mary Jane
  36. The Crown
  37. Young Justice**
  38. Bob’s Burgers
  39. Queen Sugar**
  40. Steven Universe
  41. The Handmaid’s Tale**
  42. black-ish
  43. Harlots**
  44. Star**
  45. Please Like Me**
  46. Insecure: First of all, 30 minute episodes is not enough, and I hope when it comes back in July, that they’re going to give us more.  Insecure is pure #blackgirlmagic, fully equipped with interesting storylines, fantastic writing, and relatable characters and friendships. You can watch this show on HBO, and Season 2 comes back on July 23rd.

What are you watching this summer?  Let me know in the comments section below!

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