Is it possible to even keep New Year’s Resolutions or are they destined to fail?

I was never a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions.  I don’t know if it was my inner cynic coming out or what, but whenever it came to New Year’s Resolutions, I found myself creating ones that weren’t really going to be a challenge to me or ones that I didn’t truly care if I broke.  Last year I made a commitment to reading 40 books this year.  It’s now almost 2018, and I’ve read 53.  So, maybe because I’ve completed a previous New Year’s Resolution, I feel a bit more up to the task of creating challenging ones for the upcoming year.

I have this really awesome and interactive planner (thanks, Mom!) that has a page where you can put your goals for the year, and at first, I had one goal: Get into grad school and go.  As I began to think about the upcoming year and the things I wanted to accomplish, I realized that I did indeed have a list of New Year’s Resolutions, even if I wasn’t yet calling them that.  I also realized that I never took my New Year’s Resolutions seriously because I never wrote them down.  They were always in the nether regions of my brain, always on the brink of being forgotten or altered from their original form.  Because I’m a to-do list person and get satisfaction from crossing out or checking off things on my to-do list, I decided I would use this planner to its fullest potential.  I’ll be making monthly goals that help me complete my New Year’s Resolutions, some of which are one-off things like getting into grad school or starting a job, and others are things I want to eventually make habits.

I also realized that I never had a concrete list of New Year’s Resolutions because I didn’t allow myself to add tasks that could be accomplished and never completed again to this list.  For example, getting and going to grad school is a resolution that won’t become a habit (I mean, I’ll attend classes and get my degree, but you know what I mean).  Things like vlogging again and sticking to my YouTube and blog release schedule, however, were things that I wanted to be ingrained into my daily/weekly/monthly routine because I want to better some part of my life.

I’ve decided that at the beginning of each week and at the end of each week, I’ll take a look at my New Year’s Resolutions and see how my progress is with my resolutions.  I know that the beginning of the week and the end of the week are back to back, but I’ll be thinking at this list with different intentions on each day.  On Sundays, I’ll be looking at the list with the mindset of: “Okay, what can I do this week to take a step forward in accomplishing these resolutions?”  On Saturdays, however, it’ll be more reflective, more like “What did I do this week that aided me in completing my resolutions?”  Those are two very different questions that deserve to be asked at different times.

Not sure where to start?  Check out my resolutions!

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 are:

  1. Start grad school
  2. Create a bucket list & start it (article coming out on this on January 7th!)
  3. Start a job out in the real world
  4. Re-start my business Uniquely Scented
  5. Start vlogging (again! yay!)
  6. See 12 plays this year (Broadway, Off-Broadway, & Off-Off Broadway)
  7. Clean out closet/minimize/throw away clothes
  8. Learn a word a day
  9. Read 1 book a week
  10. Release 4 YouTube videos & 4 Casual Anxiety articles a month
  11. Put $5 in my savings account at the end of every week

For 2018 (and going forward), I’m committing to writing down and giving more thought to my New Year’s Resolutions!  What about you — what are your New Year’s Resolutions?!  Drop ’em down in the comments section below!

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