Is there a such thing as too young to have a bucket list?

One of my New Year’s Resolutions, which you can read all about here, is to start a bucket list and then start crossing off some of the items on that bucket list.  Having a bucket list was something I had always played with (I made one in both middle and high school), but I never really stuck to it.  Mostly because my bucket lists back then consisted of large things, like traveling to other countries (which are on my current bucket list) or I added things I had already done so I could cross them off and feel better about myself.  A few weeks ago, however, I was re-inspired.

I follow @bucketlist_memoirs on Instagram, and she posted a picture in mid-December of her bucket list and all the crossed-off things she had done, along with a caption detailing how she many things she was able to cross off.  After looking at her bucket list, I realized that my previous approach was all wrong.  While, yes, I should put large goals in life such as traveling to other countries/cities on my list, but my smaller goals and wants, as well as my life goals, were also worthy of being “bucket list material.”  Things like taking a hot yoga class and attending a horserace were things I could be able to put on my bucket list. Once I freed myself from the notion that my bucket list had to be full of large tasks that might take a while to complete, I felt illuminated and free to create one, put down all the things I found myself saying “I want to do that at some point,” like visiting Madame Tussauds or adopting a tree.

We often associate bucket lists with older people who are starting to think about their limited time left on the planet and everything they haven’t done and meant to do.  I like to think of a bucket list being for anyone of any age who has lots of life ahead of them and wants to make the most of it.  A lot of the time we forget those things we say in passing that we want to do, and then we remember them months later just in order to forget them again!  Write them down!  Hold yourself accountable!  If you want to do something simply because it interests you and would be fun, then jot it down on your bucket list. Bucket lists aren’t about what to do before before you die, but rather, how to make the most of your time while living, no matter your age.

The reason I love the idea of a bucket list is because I’m the type of person who needs to write things down on a to-do list in order for them to get done.  I also love the feeling of being able to cross something out or check off an item on a list, marking that I’ve done it. There’s a special feeling of accomplishment when you finally cross off laundry on your to-do list, so I figure it’ll be a whole other feeling once I check off the first thing on my bucket list.  When we write things down on paper, we make it concrete and we put it in our muscle memory that this is something we want to.  A bucket list is essentially just a longer, more fun to-do list that will just keep growing and keep adjusting as we keep growing and adjusting.

If you don’t know where to get started with making one, think of the last thing you told someone you wanted to do at some point in your life.  Then find a piece of paper you won’t lose or a notebook you use often (or maybe even on your phone), and write it down.  Then, think of something else and write it down under that first idea.  I found that looking up “bucket list items” on Google is also a nice way to get your brain thinking because a lot of times, we either have similar bucket list items to other people or something they said will remind us of something we want to do.  Plus, you might find somethings you never knew you wanted to do.

So, get to dreaming!

My bucket list is now at 28 items (and growing!), but here’s a few if you’re looking for inspiration on what type of things to put down (or you’re just curious lol, that’s cool, too).

  • Start an after-school theatre/arts program from youth of color in an under-served community
  • Take a hot yoga class
  • Visit Disney Land
  • Attend Vidcon
  • Visit The Grand Canyon
  • Visit New Orleans (and if possible, have vegetarian gumbo)
  • Stay one night in an ice hotel
  • Name a star
  • Sing a karaoke duet
  • Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
  • Knit/crochet a scarf

Do you have a bucket list or do you want to make one?  What are some things in life that you want to do?  Let me know in the comments below!

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