Hi, y’all! I know it’s been a minute since I released an article. So sorry, but a girl’s been busy!

I graduated from college 9 days ago, and I’m still in denial! With my graduation, however, comes an exciting announcement!

As you may or may not know, as part of my senior project as a Theatre and Performance major, I produced and directed an original play of mine entitled BLK GRL. What a lot of people don’t realize about my particular degree is that, along with a physical theatrical production, I am also required to submit a research paper (among other written things) that relates to my senior project in some way in order to graduate. Throughout the process of researching for and writing my paper, I realized that I loved the topic I was talking on. It saddened me that only at least two people (not including the three awesome people reading while it’s in-progress and giving me feedback, y’all rock!) were ever going to read the final version (my advisor and my second-reader).  It also saddened me that I hadn’t released anything on Casual Anxiety since January (whoops!).

So, in lieu of these two saddening facts, I decided that I am going to release my senior project research paper The Triple Consciousness of Black Womanhood: A History and Analysis of Black Feminism, The Importance of Intersectionality, and The Trials of Black Girlhood  in a series of articles on Casual Anxiety!

I’m super excited to be sharing this body of work that I’ve been working on in some capacity since Spring of 2017 and heavily been working on since the beginning of this semester.  This essay is written in sections, and I will be releasing individual (or maybe two) sections as individual articles over the course of the summer.  My hope, however, is that this series of articles is not the only thing I write this summer, as I’m hoping to dive back into the world of Casual Anxiety since I now have more time.

Looking forward to sharing my writing with you! To see a list of the works I’ll be citing throughout the article series, check down below. Look out for the first article on Wednesday!

Super excited,


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