About Me

Hi there!  Welcome to Casual Anxiety!

Casual Anxiety is my personal blog where I write on just about anything and everything.  You’ll find blog articles where I vent, deconstruct social issues, give tips and advice about situations that I have survived, and talk about pretty much everything in between.  I consider Casual Anxiety to be a lifestyle blog, but not just any lifestyle blog: my lifestyle blog.  I know that it’s not the typical lifestyle blog, but I consider it to be my lifestyle blog because I’m opening up a window into how I see the world and how I live my life.

First off, introductions.  My name’s Ahtiya.  A-H-T-I-Y-A.  And because I’ve lived most of my life with 19 out of every 20 people who I’ve introduced myself to mispronouncing my name and then me correcting them and then them still mispronouncing it and then me correcting them and them still mispronouncing it and then…well, yeah.  Since I’ve lived through that, the pronunciation is: AH-TEE-YAH or, more simply, AH-TIA.

I live and was raised in Westchester Country, which I considered to be NYC’s calmer and quieter older sister.  I’m a junior Theatre and Performance major at Purchase College.  One of my passions is theatre – mostly acting, but I’m exploring the realms of directing and playwriting.  I am also a writer, and I aspire to be a novelist in the near future.

The three things you should know about me are: 1) me and fakery don’t mix well, so you will always be getting my honest opinions and viewpoints in my articles; 2) I love engaging in conversations with people, so please leave a comment below my articles letting me know what you think; and 3) sharing is caring when it comes to articles, and I’d really appreciate if you’d share my articles if you think they are worth reading and can relate to them.

If you want to see my random and every day thoughts, you can follow me on Twitter @_AhtiyaL_ . Also, don’t forget to follow the blog!

Smiles and all,


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