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Instead of creating a post that you’ll have to search for if you want to reference this again, I just decided to make it it’s own page.  This is going to be an ever growing list of where and what I like to do in New York (this includes the 5 boroughs and Westchester County, for the most part).  Since I don’t really venture north of Westchester County that often, this list won’t have anything north of it.  Maybe in the future it will, but for right now, I’ll stick to what I know.  (This list is in no particular order besides the randomness that is my head.)

Bryant Park: Of course there’s stuff to do in Bryant Park (ice skating, buying items from the shops, and I believe there’s a restaurant), but I have the most fun in Bryant Park when I’m doing nothing.  I like to settle down at a table with a nice cup of coffee or some halal from a food truck.  That’s a nice plus about Bryant Park: there are tables and chairs scattered all around the park, and you can usually find a seat for yourself within 5 minutes.  You can enjoy Bryant Park either by yourself or with someone, and I have done both, and it’s equally as enjoyable.

Dunwell Donuts: Dunwell Donuts is a vegan donut shot in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.  You can easily get there by taking the L train towards Brooklyn/Canarsie and getting off at Montrose, and then literally stepping across the street.  Donut (see what I did there?) let the idea of a vegan donut throw you off; I know a lot of people are skeptical about the taste and consistency and everything.  I can say with 100% certainty that these donuts are probably better than any non-vegan donut you’ve ever had.  I’m being so serious right now.  These donuts are amazing!

Roosevelt Island: I actually need to go back to Roosevelt Island because, when I went, it was already getting dark.  Roosevelt Island had been on my list of things to do for a while because I had heard of it but wasn’t entirely too sure what the deal was.  It’s a quaint little island that sits between Manhattan and Queens.  You can get to it by train (I believe it’s the F Train, but don’t quote me on that) or tram (which is how I got there, and I loved it).  The tram overs a beautiful view of the water and the bustling city you’re leaving behind when you visit Roosevelt Island.  Also, I don’t even think it’s a fifteen minute ride across.

Broadway: Notice that I said Broadway and not Times Square.  I absolutely hate Times Square most of the time…unless I’m there to see a Broadway show.  I know, I know: it sounds super cliché that one of my favorite places in NYC would be the Theatre District.  I mean, what did you expect?  I’m a thespian.  There’s something so hypnotic and satisfying about leaving the hustle of Times Square, settling into a cozy theatre, and seeing a show.  There’s a very unique experience you share with those 150+ people you’ve just sat with for at least 90 minutes, an experience that can never be repeated once you leave the walls of the theatre.

The High Line: The high line is a park that is built completely on old train tracks.  It runs along at least 15 blocks on the West Side of Manhattan, and it’s absolutely gorgeous in the fall, spring, and summer.  I’ve never seen it before in the Winter, but when I do, I’ll update this to say so.  From anywhere along the High Line, you can see gorgeous snapshots of the city or even the sun setting in the distance.  Plus, not to mention, they have a taco place there (around 16th street) that is absolutely to die for!

Potatopia: I LOVE THIS PLACE!  They specialize in things made of potatoes: mashed potatoes, thick cut fries, curly fries, baked potatoes, and other potato-y goodness.

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